Administrative appeal is a restitution system for citizens who have their rights or interests infringed on by illegal or unjust dispositions or other execution or omission of government authority by administrative agencies.

service procedure
  1. 1Submission of a Written Appeal and a Written Request

    The appellant or the agent submits online a request for an appeal, a request to suspend disposition, etc.

    Submission of a Written Request for Appeal and Documents
    service procedure01
    When filing the appeal in paper 5852 .

    Complete 2 copies of request for appeal and submit them at the disposition office (the administrative agency that made the disposition) or at the Commission.

    service procedure02
    When filing the appeal electronically

    Log in to our website, using an electronic certificate. The size of the attached documents cannot exceed 100 MB. If you have difficulty attaching the documents due to the file size, please submit the request form online and immediately submit 2 copies of the form to the agency you have submitted the form.

    When an agent completes the online request form
    service procedure03

    When the request form is being submitted by the agent, the items under the agent section have to be filled out. Please submit documentation supporting the agent's qualifications.

  2. 2Delivering Written Answers

    The appellee reviews the written answer, representing the administrative agency’s explanation online.
    If you would like to propose an objection to the answer or complement your previous application, please write and submit a supplementary document.

    Delivering Written Answers
    service procedure04

    When filing an administrative appeal online, the written answer from the appellee (disposition office) can be checked by post or on the website of online administrative appeals system. If a written answer has been sent, the appellant will receive an e-mail and text message notification. (E-mail and SMS messages will be sent only when the information is provided)

    Submission of Supplementary Documents
    service procedure05

    Supplementary documents can also be submitted online. They can be submitted until the review date, without limit in the number of submission. However, if they are sent too shortly before the review date, the content of the letter(s) might not be fully reviewed.

  3. 3Information on Review Date

    Check the review and ruling dates for the appeals designated by the Commission.
    A review period refers to the period during which the Commission reviews the concerned disposition's legality and justice, or lack thereof, after reviewing the appeal.

    Information on Review Date
    service procedure06

    We notify the appellant once the review date is fixed. If the appellant has chosen online delivery, we will send the notification through this website, e-mail, or text messaging, instead of the post.

  4. 4Information on Oral Review

    If the appellant wants to make a statement at the Commission in person, he or she can request an oral review.
    If the request is accepted, he or she can attend the meeting in person to deliver one's statement.
    A request for a oral review can be made at the time of filing the appeal or during the appeal process.

    Information on Oral Review
    service procedure07

    If the appellant requests an oral review, the Commission decides whether or not to accept the request and notify the appellant of the result.
    However, if it is discerned that the already submitted documents are enough to make a ruling, the request for oral review might be turned down.

  5. 5Delivery of Review Result

    The appellant can browse the review result of the Commission and receive a ruling letter based on the Commission's ruling.

    Information on Review Result
    service procedure08

    The ruling letter, based on the review and ruling by the Commission on the appealed case will be delivered to the appellant within a couple weeks from the review date. It will be delivered by post or the Online Administrative Appeals System.

    Reception of a Ruling Letter
    service procedure09

    After around a week, the ruling letter based on the review and ruling of the Commission is delivered to the appellant by post. If the ruling letter is delivered, we will notify the appellant by this website, text message, and e-mail. The ruling of the Commission is an external notifiation of the ruling on the appeal to the appellant and the appellee. A ruling letter is delivered to both sides. The judgment becomes effective upon the delivery of the ruling letter.