Administrative justice refers to a system whereby the people who are deprived of the rights and wrongs of the administration, such as the unlawful acts of public administration or other unjust acts, can be dealt with promptly and easily. The benefits are free, easy to process, and quick to process.

Administrative appeals differ from administrative litigations and trials as follow:

Administrative Appeals Act
The processing results have a binding effect on the relevant administration authorities. In addition, the judicial institution should proceed with legal proceedings, which are differentiated from legal litigation.

Administrative judgment
  object act
Administrative judgment A citizen infringed upon rights or interest Public interest relief
Administrative agency that issued the disposition Fair administration
Special Administrative Appeals Division
  • 'Special administrative appeals' refer to specialized administrative appeals of specific areas that follow exceptional procedures stipulated in the individual laws of the concerning areas, replacing Administrative Appeals Act, instead of following the procedure of "regular administrative appeals based on Administrative Appeals Act." They are meant to respect the expertise and specialty of the matter in question.
  • Specialized administrative appeals acknowledged by individual laws include litigations related to tax and patent, objection against a ruling on eminent domain, reexamination on the relief orders on unlawful dismissals, disobedience against disciplinary measures towards public officials, etc.
Specialized Administrative Appeals objects: Tax, Submission, Marine safety, Patent, Employment Insurance, Labor, Election Management Committee, Health Insurance, Land acceptance, Industrial disaster